Evaluation – a learning process that should serve development

Emthunzini’s approach emphasizes evaluation as a developmental learning process, assessing both impact and organizational capacity. External evaluations are planned with clients to meet their own and donor requirements. Evaluations range from the classic process of external client, stakeholder and staff surveys plus report on the one hand, to the facilitated internal evaluation processes on the other.

Most evaluations involve an appropriate combination of the two, so that even external summative evaluations usually include organizational participation in aspects of the process, in order to ensure ownership of the findings and results, and real learning as a basis for forward planning and capacity building.

Evaluations are customized from the following components, based on client requirements

  • Planning of evaluation process with clients
  • Staff orientation and review meeting
  • A graphic overview of the evaluation period developed with staff
  • Staff, client and stakeholder surveys (site visits and interviews)
  • Stakeholder review and feedback workshops
  • A comprehensive review of documentation
  • Program observation (where relevant and possible)
  • Feedback and assessment session or workshop
  • Draft report and feedback
  • An agreed final evaluation report, including recommendations
  • A presentation based on the report and recommendations
  • A facilitated forward planning or strategic planning workshop

EMTHUNZINI has significant experience in project, program and organizational evaluations which are enhanced by OD and training experience in the development sector.  Evaluations in most sectors for a wide range of organizations and donors include

  1. CWD HIV/AIDS Project 1995 – for CWD
  2. Afesis Corplan Local Govt. Transformation Unit 1995-97 – for Afesis Corplan
  3. Surplus People Project – Local Government Project – for OSF
  4. Surplus People Project -1996 to 1998 – for Novib
  5. IDASA – Local Government Training Program – for DANIDA
  6. IDASA – Public Information Centre – for USAID
  7. IDASA – Local Government Information Centre – for CIDA
  8. DFA – Democracy for All – for USAID
  9. Khululekani Institute for Democracy – for USAID
  10. Urban Sector Network (USN) – Local Govt. Program – for EU
  11. USN – Local Government Training Program – for North – South Institute
  12. SAGA – SA Grant Makers’ Association – for Mott, Ford and Kellogg
  13. Goedgedacht Agricultural Resource Centre – for IVA
  14. Joint Primary Health Care Program – for EU
  15. SAGA Community Foundations Program – for Mott, Ford, Kellogg
  16. Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) Mining Program – for HBS
  17. Cape Town Refugee Forum – for UNHCR
  18. LRC Non-Profit Organization Support Project – for  Mott Foundation
  19. Foundation for Community Work – for van Leer Foundation
  20. MISA – Media Institute of Southern Africa – for Sida, Danida and Norad
  21. Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR) – Police Training Program – for DFID
  22. CCR Human Rights and Conflict Management Program 2005-07 – RNE
  23. CCR Prisons Program – for DANIDA
  24. CCR Senior Government Program
  25. Mott Foundation Citizen’s Rights and Responsibilities Program – for Mott
  26. Development Action Group (DAG) 10 Year Review
  27. CCR Africa Program Mid-term Review 2007 – for DIFD, Sida, UN
  28. FCR Review 2003-2008 – for Ford Foundation
  29. ISS PM&E Review and evaluation 2010
  30. CCR Mediation and Training Program 2009-10- for CCR & SDC
  31. CCR Human Rights and Conflict Management Program 2007-09 – for CCR
  32. Development Action Group (DAG) 7 Year Review – for EED
  33. EMG – Swedish Nature Conservation Partnership 2001-11 – for SSNC
  34. CCR Staffing and Capacity Review 2012 – for CCR
  35. IJR M&E System and Reports 2012 – for IJR
  36. CCR SA, Swaziland and Lesotho Program 2008-2012 – for SDC
  37. SANAC Women’s Sector 2009-2013 – for SANACWS and Irish Aid
  38. Assessment of OLSH projects in Limpopo 2014 – Misean Cara
  39. CCR Africa Programme 2012-16 Mid-term Review – for CCR
  40. PASSOP Rewiew 2015 – for OSF
  41. Abalimi Bezekhaya External Evaluation 2006-2015 – for Misereor
  42. VSO Zambia Governance Project Evaluation 2013-16 – for Irish Aid